About Mammoth Music...

Mammoth Music is a proud Southern California dealer of fine handcrafted Alembic basses and guitars. Ordering through Mammoth Music is a lot easier than you might think. Every component of an Alembic instrument is made under one roof at the Santa Rosa factory, including the woodworking, inlays, LEDs, metal finishes, pickups and electronics. When you order a custom instrument, Alembic actually makes that instrument just as you instruct. As your dealer at Mammoth Music, we offer you the opportunity to play demo Alembic instruments, assistance in the customization process, and, of course, a cost savings.

Excel bass.jpg
  • Excel bass.jpg
    Excel bass in California Walnut with custom pickup placement.
  • Essence bass.jpg
    Essence bass in Macassar Ebony with neck through body construction and custom options.
  • Inlay butterfly.jpg
    Twelfth fret butterfly inlay in gold and black mother of pearl, red pearloid, abalone and sterling silver.


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