Stanley Clarke Bass...

The Standard and Deluxe versions are similar - the pickups, electronics, feel and size are in fact identical. Where they differ is in the wood choices and lamination patterns. The default neck size is ourĀ narrow taper, but you can always custom order to suit your needs. Both versions use Maple as their primary neck wood. The Deluxe model has both top and back body laminates, as well as two Purpleheart neck laminates.

Stanley Clarke bass front.jpg

Brown Basses are a nod to Stanley's second Series I bass from 1974, serial number 80 (sadly, his first one was stolen shortly after he got it). It's the bass on the cover of "If This Bass Could Only Talk" and as his original Brown Bass it continued his love affair with short scale which has endured through his forty-plus years with Alembic. There are decorative departures from other Signature models, like the slightly flattened 1974 template for the body and the placement of the pickup selector on the lower horn. Just like serial number 80, Brown Basses use Mahogany as the primary neck wood for a more rounded and warm tone. Simple three-piece body construction is elegant paired with the traditional hand-rubbed oil finish. You'll notice the electronics are different as well, with individual volume controls, a pickup selector switch, and a switchable stereo/mono output.

For the Retro Stanley basses, we've used the 1973 body template with the more curved horns. The oil finish adds to the old-school vibe. The Retro's neck is a classic combination of Maple, Walnut, and Birch for even tone with plenty of attack.

Alembic is the original custom shop, and these standard features are but a springboard for your own ideas. All aspects of our basses are crafted under one roof, and any feature can be custom made to your specifications.


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